Headwaters of the Santa Ynez River

By Connie Connally

One of the best things about working with our Rose Compass group has been gaining access to places the public doesn’t get to experience. Hiking into the deep interior woods of the Santa Ynez Mountains, we were able to see the origin of the Santa Ynez River. The headwater of the Santa Ynez begins as Alder Creek. I dipped my hand into the small cold stream where the first drops of water seeped from the mountain boulders and began their journey along the tributary feeding into the Santa Ynez River. Headwaters 44x30” oil on canvas explores the chaos of the wildness of the scene and gives the suggestion that the water is just seeping through to the surface. You can see the photos I took that day. 


Winter Head Waters 2017 44x30 oil on canvas
Alder Creek .jpg
Alder Creek 2.jpg