Turkey Day Cometh

A group of domesticated turkeys is known as a gang. The turkey on Thanksgiving is….one of the gang.

Thanksgiving is next week and it still feels like summer.  Over the course of the Rivers Journey project, we have travelled to a number of sights along the watershed.  One of the joys of being outside is you always have birds as companions.

Ibony and Evory, 4x6 ( Egret and Comorant, Lake Cachuma)

Ibony and Evory, 4x6 (Egret and Comorant, Lake Cachuma)

We had a jaw-dropping trip on Lake Cachuma with the wonderful Naturalist, Rosie Bishop, at the end of August.  Of course, we saw all kinds of winged creatures, from waterfowl to birds of prey, as well as helicopters that were filling these enormous buckets to drop on the Rey fire.  The assortment of birds was abundant. We plan to return for another tour at the end of November.  I highly recommend this adventure. (Nature Cruises Lake Cachuma)

We were informed that they would stop releasing water into the Santa Ynez river in the next day or so(this was at the end of August).  So, we made another road trip to see the river with some water still flowing.  The roads that meander through the valley are as beautiful as the river. The California Magpie greeted us.  I think they are a cheerful bird and always stand out with the high contrast of black and white with the yellow beak.

CA Magpie,  2x2

CA Magpie, 2x2

As timed transitioned from summer to fall, our explorations led us down Paradise road, past the burned area were the helicopters from Cachuma had dropped their buckets of water to drown the Rey Fire.  As we drove further down the road we crossed passages that are often covered by water when the river is full.  The day was full of fall colors.  We do have autumn splendor in Santa Barbara, you just need to know where you can find it.



582b9b58bef9f56b1cebd267_Magpie Flight.jpg
Turkey Day, 4x6

Turkey Day, 4x6


On our way home, we saw a flock of turkeys.  And they are really a flock, because they are wild. Although these turkeys are not native, they are wild. 

 A group of domesticated turkeys is known as a rafter or gang.  Those are the ones most of us will have at the table on Thanksgiving Day….one of the gang.  I hope your holiday will be filled with friends, family and a grateful heart.