Nicole Strasburg

Time in nature is like time I spend at the easel painting. In our technology-saturated world I can slow down and savor the act of observation and revel in the restraint and quiet that practiced attention requires. I believe, like many naturalists, you go outside to turn inward.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, I moved to Santa Barbara at the wee age of 4 when my father took a job at the nearby university. Always terribly shy, as the youngest of 4 children, I spent much of my time seeking a quiet refuge away from the bustle of our large family. In these long stretches of sought after solitude I lived in my own world hatching plans and daydreaming, often finding personal sanctuary outdoors, lying in the grass staring at the sky. This world grew to encompass a place that is often depicted in my current paintings, vast stretches of open space, an endless horizon, swaths of grassy hillsides and local coastlines.

A devout studio painter, I visually record my inspiration with sketches and photographs while out on walks with my dogs. Composing and editing are done back in the studio from the series of images taken in the field. Simplification of the environment to create a more universal experience within the painting is my goal. Good design always takes precedence over being true to the particulars of any location.

Most days are spent my Santa Barbara studio with my two border collies where I'm frequently visited by my husband, who kindly reminds me to go outside.

Primary representation:

Sullivan Goss, Santa Barbara California

Also showing with Sundance Catalog online



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