Making images is part of learning and reflecting on the world. I taught Drawing, Figure Drawing, 2-D Design and Printmaking for many years at Santa Barbara City College and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and enjoyed seeing students become curious about how pictures work. After all, seeing is not necessarily looking (more rewarding and more active) and replicating is not what art making is about.

I've been retired now for nine years and have had a chance by painting, printmaking and drawing to reflect on what art IS for (for me). It's about awareness and joy, community and history, and the continuing yearning to make work that MEANS what I mean; about our experience as beings in the world, sense of place and present moment, complexity of the interaction of light and form and attitude and expectation.

Some very good friends lured me out of the studio and into the PLAIN and SIMPLE air and I've been struck by the beauty and challenges of reacting to, recording versions of, basking in, the gesture of LANDSCAPE ever since. My studio work is big oil-stick painting/drawings of organic abstractions which influence, and are influenced by, these small gouache landscapes of studying our water and light and land. Outside or in, any day spent making things is a good day!


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