Fish Ladder

Exploring the Fish World

Libby and I discovered the “fish passage structure” at Salsipuedes Creek. It’s one of several projects built and supported by the Lower Santa Ynez River Fish Management Plan to help preserve the spawning habitat of native Steelhead. This structure itself is interesting: a 3-step series of pools through which the fish can access the upstream spawning grounds.

The area below the bridge where the fish ladder is located, is a small paradise. Unlike the drier, windier land above, the lower stream bed is quiet and green. Wildflowers are still blooming including white lupine, yellow monkeyflowers, pink wild sweetpeas, purple spikey flowers I couldn’t identify.

We could hear a frog bellowing somewhere, small fly-catchers grabbing insects off the water, dragonflies, butterflies. It was enchanting – a very special place.

Plus, on closer inspection, in the weedy pools - hundreds of little fish. They looked like salmonids - we'll have to check with a fish biologist to be sure.