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"The River’s Journey
Meditations on an Exhibition at the Wilding

This painting show depicts the Santa Ynez River from its mouth in the mountains to it’s arrival at the ocean. It is extensive, thorough, dutiful, traditional, holistic, revealing, metaphorical, emotional, beautiful and important. But never mind about that. This carefully planned and executed collection of paintings by 6 women friends over a year’s time has allowed me to grasp the whole world and everything in it and on it: the co-dependence of rocks, soil and water, the fairy-ness of air, sun and light, the family affair of plants, animals and people. And these artists are also poets, hikers, gardeners, swimmers, cooks, teachers, mothers and wives, which informs every work. Gifting us. The work and its didactic installation is not about career, documentation, prowess, or even is clearly about my home and how the river is a large personality that I have always enjoyed, but always taken for granted. Until now." 

~ Elaine LeVasseur, May 2018

Juncal Dam   gouache on Arches board ©N Strasburg

Juncal Dam  gouache on Arches board ©N Strasburg

There are only 4 weeks remaining of the Wildling exhibiton The River's Journey. We are honored to have received so many heartfelt compliments from visitors who took the time to express their personal experiences and send them to us.

The show will travel once it leaves the Wildling Museum but it will morph into another iteration when it moves to it's next venues. The show will encompass new work and will be smaller in scope.

For 4 more weeks all 158 paintings will be on view in Solvang. We encourage you to make the journey and see the whole body of work in it's entirety before it is broken up and sent in myriad directions.

Hope to see you in the valley!